3 Reasons You Should Book a Bridal Session

March 18th, 2018

Picture this. You’re recently engaged bride and you’re scrolling through Pinterest. You have started a board for inspiration for your upcoming wedding. All of a sudden, you come across a gorgeous photo of a bride. She is turned away from the camera with the back of her dress showing and her cathedral veil flowing behind her. Chances are, you probably pinned that to your board, right? What most brides don’t know is that so many of those gorgeous bridal photos actually come from a bridal session. I bet you’re wondering why you should book a bridal session when your photographer could just do it at the wedding. Here are 3 reasons you should book a bridal session:

Bridal sessions offer a chance to test your hair and makeup.

When you book your hair and makeup, they probably told you about a trial run before the wedding. The trial run is the perfect (and best) time to put your dress on and take bridal portraits. The hair and makeup trial is supposed to give you a glimpse at what you will look like on the big day. It gives you a chance to ask for any changes to the look as well. This is a great opportunity for bridal portraits because chances are you’re going to look just like that on the wedding day. Plus, who wouldn’t want to take photos after being dolled up with hair and makeup?!

Pro Tip: Check with your florist to see if they offer a service that will allow you to photograph your bouquet, or one similar, prior to your wedding day.

Bridal sessions allow for a more relaxed wedding day.

Honestly, this is the biggest reason I recommend bridal sessions! While I do photograph the bride by herself on the day of the wedding, there are many factors that limit the time we get. Sometimes, hair and makeup runs late, or the buttons on the dress take longer than expected. There are so many reasons that a timeline could fall behind and leave us with less time for bridal photos. Because of that, I always recommend a bridal session! By taking your photos before the wedding, that is one less thing we have to worry about on the big day. Not only that, but we can take our time in order to get the best portraits possible.

Bridal sessions give you a chance to display your portraits at the wedding.

A lot of my brides will print their bridal portraits and display them at the wedding. Some brides frame them and set them out on tables, while others get them printed on a canvas and display them on an easel. There is no right or wrong way to display these, but make sure that you are printing from a high quality print lab. Ask your photographer if they offer prints and products and save yourself the stress of printing! If you aren’t into a large display of your portraits, they also make great gifts for mom, dad, and even the groom. Trust me, he would love a wallet sized copy after the wedding to show you off!

I can think of so many benefits to bridal sessions. To inquire about book a bridal session, make sure to visit my contact page for more information.

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