Wedding Tip Wednesday | Wedding Veils

March 18th, 2018

bride holding wedding veil

Have you ever thought about how wedding veils can completely change the look of the bridal attire? The veil is a single bridal detail that can change everything. Although there are so many components to the bridal attire, the wedding veil is one that is underrated.

I have to admit, when it was my turn to become a bride, I didn’t put much thought into the veil. Why? Because I didn’t think it was important. I felt like it was something I just needed to have. Boy, was I wrong!

Although you don’t need a veil, this added detail can transform the way you look on your wedding day. Now, all veils are not created equal, and that’s important to know. For the perfect veil shot on your wedding day, you will need to know a few things about what kind of veil you need.

cathedral wedding veils

1. Length

The length of your veil should widely depend on what type of bride you are. If you are going for the elegant, timeless look, you should opt for a longer veil (such as a cathedral or chapel veil). However, if you are going for the flirty and fun vibe, a shorter veil (such as a birdcage or elbow veil). For the perfect veil shot, I recommend going with a longer veil. Longer wedding veils add movement to your portraits and photograph so romantically!

bride and groom veil shot

2. Weight

The weight of the veil plays so many factors on the wedding day. For all brides, I recommend finding a veil that is as weightless as possible. Stay away from heavy details such as beading and heavy embellishment. The more a veil weighs, the less it will float; instead, it will just drop. For the perfect veil shot, the weightless veils will appear to swoop more in your portraits.

back of bride's dress

3. Color

The color you choose for your veil can drastically change your wedding day look. When looking for veils, try to match the color to your dress as best you can. If you have an ivory colored dress, an egg shell white veil will not compliment it as well. In addition, try to find softer shades of white, as the harsher whites can appear blue in your portraits. For the perfect veil shots, it’s important to make sure your veil and dress match color-wise.

bridal veil shot

If you don’t know where to search on your hunt for a veil, you can start on Pinterest or visit some amazing small businesses, such as this one.

No matter what veil you end up choosing, make sure that you choose one you love. Choose a veil that compliments your dress, and your personality. No matter what, you will be beautiful!

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