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March 18th, 2018

There is so much to do when it comes to wedding planning. You have to book a venue, find a photographer, and get the perfect dress. The daunting to do list can become stressful, for sure. You have to find the perfect wedding invitations, set up the best wedding website, and, of course, find thank you cards to send out. What if I told you, though, that you don’t have to stress out about the wedding invitations, the best wedding website, or the thank you cards! Basic Invite is your number one website to find it all! Basic Invite is designed to be your number one site to customize all of your wedding needs! You can choose whichever design you want and customize that to create a cohesive look at your wedding!

Wedding Invitations

I am in love with the wedding invitation side of Basic Invite. With over 900 designs and (almost) unlimited color options, Basic Invite is one of the few websites that will give you instant previews online! You can change the color on almost every part of the invitation with over 180 color options. The invitation can be designed exactly how you want it to be, making it not only convenient, but unique as well! As if being unique and convenient aren’t amazing already, Basic Invite also allows customers to order samples to see how their invitation would print before ordering the final product.

Envelope Customization

When your guests receive their wedding invitations, they will immediately get a first impression of your wedding. One of the best ways to give this impression is by customizing your wedding envelopes. Basic Invite gives you the option of 40 color choices to make your wedding envelopes cohesive with your invitations. As soon as guests see your colorful envelope, they’ll be in awe! All envelopes are peel and seal so they can closed easily.

Wedding Sets & Address Collection

Each wedding invitation is part of a set. That means you will have to spend less time looking for save the dates, enclosure cards, wedding menus and programs, and thank you cards. This is for sure going to save you time and stress! Not only that, but Basic Invite’s address collection service requests your guests’ addresses with three easy steps. Just share a link via email or social media, collect addresses, and receive free (YES, FREE!!!) envelope printing.

 Seal & Send

Basic Invite’s newest collection, the seal and send wedding invitations, are an all-in-one wedding invitation which includes a tear off RVP card. They’re currently offered in over 30 designs including popular foil options. Like the other products at Basic Invite, the seal and send are completely customizable! With the seal and send, your guests’ addresses are printed on the front of the invitation, so you don’t even need an envelope! All you have to do is share a link, collect addresses, and upload them to your design. Once you receive your seal and send order, you just need to add postage, fold them, and seal them with a sticker!

Thank You Cards

After you’re officially married and are going through your wedding gifts, you will definitely need thank you cards! Instead of heading to your nearest drug store and purchasing whatever design they happen to have in stock, you can head over to Basic Invite to find a design that matches your wedding invitations. By matching your thank you cards to your invitations, you will have the same cohesive look from your wedding.

The Best Wedding Website

Basic Invite not only offers customizable invitations, but they offer the best wedding website as well! The wedding websites, like other products on the site, is completely customizable. You can choose from 180 colors and a design to match your invitations. Instantly, you can upload images, wedding details, and a convenient map to make it easy for guests to find your venue! The wedding websites are not only free, but they’re mobile friendly and easy to use.

Head over to to view all of the customizable collections. Make sure to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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