Connor + Rachelle | University of Oklahoma

I love social media for many reasons. For one, it gives me the opportunity to connect with my clients, friends and family. Two, it gives me the chance to keep up with past clients. And three, it allows me to meet some pretty great people like Connor and Rachelle.

Rachelle and I had more in common than we even knew. She and Connor will celebrate their four year anniversary this year, as will my husband and I. In addition, she is a full time teacher like me. When you meet Connor and Rachelle, their presence is automatically calming. I’m not sure if it was their optimism, or the gentleness in their voices, but I was immediately put at ease.

The pair both went to the University of Oklahoma, so our session was almost like a walk down memory lane. We started at Zarrow Hall and made our way around campus to discover some beautiful spots. We stumbled upon some gorgeous pink blooms, as well as a “secret” garden (secret to me because I didn’t know it existed!). However, my favorite spot was a small rock ledge with the sun glowing behind them.

I always love getting to photograph new couples because each one is unique. Some couples are adventurous, while others are laid back. Some are goofballs, while others are serious in the best way. Meeting Connor and Rachelle was no different. The two of them love each other so much, and that was evident by their interactions with one another. They enjoyed the nuzzling, snuggling, and holding each other’s hands. You’ll have to look for yourself to see how in love these two are!

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