Mallory + Andrew | Oklahoma City

March 18th, 2018

When I first meet my couples, I love to dig in to find out all about them. I thrive on creating relationships with my clients. I like to know what they do for fun, how they met, how long they’ve been together – all the in’s and out’s of their relationship. By creating this bond, I am able to better serve my clients. I know what makes them happy, what stresses them out, how to make them smile, what to avoid; in turn, they know my posing, what I enjoy doing, my philosophy, and my shooting style.

When I first met Mallory and Andrew, it was no different. I enjoyed getting to know the two of them as a couple, but also as individuals. Mallory radiates happiness. It’s hard to be around her without smiling as her smile is simply contagious. Andrew is a goofball in the best way. His favorite thing is to make his lady laugh, and he sure does a good job.

Mallory’s first outfit was perfect for our downtown session – a red pant suit with an adorable bow in the back. The way it made her glow was absolutely stunning. I am pretty sure there wasn’t a single car that drove by us that evening that didn’t see Mallory and Andrew laughing!

Our second location was at the beautiful Will Rogers Gardens. We took a nice stroll throughout the gardens, stopping at every beautiful sight we came across. We had a special love for the pink blooms that matched Mallory’s dress, along with the tall lavender like plants.

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