Wedding Tip Wednesday | Wedding Hairstyles

March 18th, 2018

One of the biggest parts of your wedding day look, aside from your dress, is your hairstyle! There are so many amazing wedding hairstyles, it can seem impossible to decide. From looking at Pinterest to bridal magazines, the options seem endless. Luckily, there are a few things to consider when it comes to deciding on your wedding day hairstyle.

wedding hair with flowers

Consider your personality.

When it comes to thinking about your wedding day hair style, the first thing you should think about is your personality. Are you laid back? Are you girly? Are you more elegant, or more relaxed? Typically, the more extravagant wedding hairstyles belong to a girly bride. On the other hand, a laid back bride might opt for soft curls instead. As with everything about your wedding day look, there is no right or wrong way to decide!

Think about your wedding gown.

By the time it comes to choosing your wedding hairstyle, you probably have already bought your wedding gown. A lot of brides that wear strapless wedding dresses will go with curls or a half up, half down do. I like to think of the bare shoulders as a blank canvas for you to do whatever you want with your hair. Typically, when brides get a wedding dress that has sleeves, they are getting it because they love the sleeves. Because of this, an updo will go best with this. If your wedding dress has a dramatic back that you want to show off, you will probably want a hairstyle that allows you to do that, such as an updo or side style. To view more hairstyles based on your dress style, you can go here.

What is your wedding day vibe?

The vibe you are intending to give off at your wedding is a big factor in your wedding hairstyle. If you have chosen a gorgeous venue and plan on making it a formal wedding, you will might want to go with an elegant updo such as a mermaid braid or sleek pony. On the other hand, if you intend on having a casual wedding, you might want to go with a more casual look, such as a loose braid or curls.

What hair accessories will you be wearing?

While the most traditional wedding hair accessory is a wedding veil, there are other accessories making their debut. A lot of elegant wedding hairstyles are being completed with hair pieces. Others are being highlighted with fresh floral from the floral pieces. With these hair accessories, it would probably be best to not wear a veil. After all, you want to show off those pieces! Of course, there are some brides that opt to go with no hair accessories at all. In this case, they have the most freedom to do whatever with their hair.

wedding hair with hair piece

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