Wedding Tip Wednesday | Budgeting

The B word.

No one really likes talking about money. So when the B word (budget, that is) is brought up, people tend to stop the conversation. It’s important that when it comes to your wedding day, you let this conversation play out. The very first thing you should do when you get engaged is set a budget, whether you are a DIY bride or a splurge bride. One thing to remember when it comes to budgeting is there is no right or wrong way to do it except by not doing it at all! These tips will help you set a realistic budget and still have the wedding of your dreams!

1. Decide the MAXIMUM of what you can afford. There are a lot of factors in determining this. Maybe you saved thousands of dollars already; maybe you are planning to save money and have your wedding in a few years; or maybe you are getting financial help in some way. No matter what your situation, you need to decide the max you can spend.

2. Get Your Priorities Straight. What means the most to you? Maybe it’s so important that you get the most beautiful portraits (I sure hope it is!). Maybe having your favorite restaurant catering is important, or choosing the venue of your dreams. I would suggest creating a list of your top 3 most important things and then contacting those vendors in regards to their pricing.

3. Decide what DOES NOT matter as much. Don’t let others determine what happens on your wedding day. That is something I tell all of my brides! If the dessert doesn’t matter much to you, you absolutely don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. If you aren’t a huge shoe lover, you absolutely don’t have to splurge on a pair. After creating your list of your top 3 vendor priorities, I would suggest making a list of the things that just don’t matter much to you. For example, my list would have included: shoes, reception food, and jewelry.

4. Keep an eye out for sales. This is my plan for life – seriously. Sales are your best friend, and catching an item or service on sale is AMAZING for wedding planning. Keep an eye out for Black Friday and Anniversary sales. Some vendors even have sales on major holidays. When you go dress shopping, consider checking out their clearance racks. Remember, sales are your best friend!

5. Hire a planner. I know that this is an added expense, but trust me on this! If you tell your planner what your budget is, they can work to find vendors that fit within it. Plus, they have tips and tricks on ways to save money. That is what they are there for – to help you!

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